No. Subject File
526 Multifunctional Biodegradable Microrobot with Programmable Morphology for Biomedical Applications pdf
525 Two stage classification method for MSI status prediction based on deep learning approach pdf
524 High-Frequency and High-Powered Electromagnetic Actuation System Utilizing Two-Stage Resonant Effects pdf
523 Biomedical Therapeutic Microrobot pdf
522 Robotic Localization Based on Planar Cable Robot and Hall Sensor Array Applied to Magnetic Capsule Endoscope pdf
521 High-performance biocompatible nanobiocomposite artificial muscles based on ammonia-functionalized graphene nanoplatelets?cellulose acetate combined with PVDF pdf
520 Self-folded microrobot for active drug delivery and rapid ultrasound-triggered drug release pdf
519 Wearable Fixation Device for a Magnetically Controllable Therapeutic Agent Carrier: Application to Cartilage Repair pdf
518 Regularization-based independent control of an external electromagnetic actuator to avoid singularity in the spatial pdf
517 Intuitive Bilateral Teleoperation of a Cable-driven Parallel Robot Controlled by a Cable-driven Parallel Robot pdf
516 A Robotic Biopsy Endoscope with Magnetic 5-DOF Locomotion and a Retractable Biopsy Punch pdf
515 Macrophage-Mediated Delivery of Multifunctional Nanotherapeutics for Synergistic Chemo-Photothermal Therapy of Solid Tumors pdf
514 Preparation of tumor targeting cell-based microrobots carrying NIR light sensitive therapeutics manipulated by electromagnetic actuating system and Chemotaxis pdf
513 곡면형상 작업 대상물의 접촉가압 작업을 위한 능동압력제어장치 개발 pdf
512 Human Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell-based Medical Microrobot System for Knee Cartilage Regeneration In Vivo pdf
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