No. Subject File
473 Magnetic Guidewire Control without Tip-Angle Detection in Sharply Curved Blood Vessel pdf
472 Non-invasive Medical Systems based on Medical Microrobotics pdf
471 세포 기반 마이크로로봇 구동을 위한 전자기구동시스템 개발 pdf
470 Micro Tattooing Mechanism for the Capsule Endoscope pdf
469 Design and dynamics analysis of a compact tattooing mechanism for a capsule endoscope pdf
468 Enhancement of Electromagnetic Navigation System using Resonance Effect for High Frequency Operation pdf
467 새로운 능동캡슐내시경 약물 전달 모듈 pdf
466 혈관수술을 위한 새로운 혈전파지장치 pdf
465 Ionic Electroactive Polymer Artificial Muscle Based On Cellulose Acetate-Graphene Nanocomposites pdf
464 Electro-active polymer actuator based on cellulose acetate-graphene and ionic liquid nanocomposites pdf
463 Development of Direct Patterning and Visualization System for Fabrication of Hydrogel Microstructure pdf
462 Feasibility Study on Magnetically Steerable Guidewire Device for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention pdf
461 Open-loop position control of a polymer cable pdf
460 Winch-integrated Mobile End-effector for A Cable-driven Parallel Robot with Auto-installation pdf
459 High-fidelity bioelectronic muscular actuator based on porous carboxylate bacterial cellulose membrane pdf
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