No. Subject File
531 Ascidian-Inspired Soft Robots That Can Crawl, Tumble, and Pick-and-Place Objects pdf
530 Micromotor Manipulation Using Ultrasonic Active Traveling Waves pdf
529 Localization and Actuation for MNPs Based on Magnetic Field-Free Point: Feasibility of Movable Electromagnetic Actuations pdf
528 Wireless Walking Paper Robot Driven by Magnetic Polymer Actuator pdf
527 Three-Dimensional Localization of a Robotic Capsule Endoscope Using Magnetoquasistatic Field pdf
526 Multifunctional Biodegradable Microrobot with Programmable Morphology for Biomedical Applications pdf
525 Two stage classification method for MSI status prediction based on deep learning approach pdf
524 High-Frequency and High-Powered Electromagnetic Actuation System Utilizing Two-Stage Resonant Effects pdf
523 Biomedical Therapeutic Microrobot pdf
522 Robotic Localization Based on Planar Cable Robot and Hall Sensor Array Applied to Magnetic Capsule Endoscope pdf
521 High-performance biocompatible nanobiocomposite artificial muscles based on ammonia-functionalized graphene nanoplatelets?cellulose acetate combined with PVDF pdf
520 Self-folded microrobot for active drug delivery and rapid ultrasound-triggered drug release pdf
519 Wearable Fixation Device for a Magnetically Controllable Therapeutic Agent Carrier: Application to Cartilage Repair pdf
518 Regularization-based independent control of an external electromagnetic actuator to avoid singularity in the spatial pdf
517 Intuitive Bilateral Teleoperation of a Cable-driven Parallel Robot Controlled by a Cable-driven Parallel Robot pdf
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