No. Subject File
543 Automated three-dimensional vessel reconstruction based on deep segmentation and bi-plane angiographic projections pdf
542 Guide-Wired Helical Microrobot for Percutaneous Revascularization in Chronic Total Occlusion in-Vivo Validation pdf
541 Three Dimensional Position Recognition of a Magnetic Capsule Endoscope by Using Alternative Magnetic pdf
540 Cylindrical soft structure for a capsule endoscope pdf
539 Locomotion and disaggregation control of paramagnetic nanoclusters using wireless electromagnetic fields for enhanced targeted drug delivery pdf
538 Modular Capsules with Assembly and Separation Mechanism: Proof of Concept pdf
537 Primary Macrophage-Based Microrobots: An Effective Tumor Therapy In Vivo by Dual-Targeting Function and Near-Infrared-Triggered Drug Release pdf
536 Independent Electromagnetic Field Control for Practical Approach to Actively Locomotive Wireless Capsule Endoscope pdf
535 A Portable Intuitive Haptic Device on a Desk for User-Friendly Teleoperation of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot pdf
534 A Magnetically Guided Self-Rolled Microrobot for Targeted Drug Delivery, Real-Time X-Ray Imaging, and Microrobot Retrieval pdf
533 Optimization of Field-Free Point Position, Gradient Field and Ferromagnetic Polymer Ratio for Enhanced Navigation of Magnetically Controlled Polymer-Based Microrobots in Blood Vessel pdf
532 Ultralow Voltage High-Performance Bioartificial Muscles Based on Ionically Crosslinked Polypyrrole-Coated Functional Carboxylated Bacterial Cellulose for Soft Robots pdf
531 Ascidian-Inspired Soft Robots That Can Crawl, Tumble, and Pick-and-Place Objects pdf
530 Micromotor Manipulation Using Ultrasonic Active Traveling Waves pdf
529 Localization and Actuation for MNPs Based on Magnetic Field-Free Point: Feasibility of Movable Electromagnetic Actuations pdf
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