No. Subject File
408 Magnetically Steerable Needle using Electromagnetic Actuaion System전자기 구동 시스템을 이용한 조향 가능 바늘 pdf
407 Analysis of Configuration of 6DOF Cable Robot on Natural Frequency6자유도 완전구속 케이블 로봇의 구조에 따른 고유진동수 분석 pdf
406 Preparation of hyaluronic acid micelles for drug delivery약물 전달용 히알루론산 마이셀의 개발 pdf
405 Biocompatibility Improvement of Magnetis Nanoparticles using Polyethylenimine Coating폴리에틸렌이민 코팅을 통한 자성 나노입자의 생적합성 향상 pdf
404 An Overview of the development for cable-driven parallel cable robot대형 케이블 기반 병렬형 로봇의 적용 및 개발 현황 pdf
403 Vibration Analysis of Planar Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Configurations 평면형 케이블 구동 병렬로봇의 구조에 따른 진동분석 pdf
402 Geometric parameters calibration using a low cost laser distance sensor for a planar cable robot: MATLAB simulation pdf
401 Feasibility Study of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy for Chronic Total Occlusion Therapy pdf
400 A soft-magnet-based drug-delivery module for active locomot iveintestinal capsule endoscopy using an electromagnetic actuation system pdf
399 6-DOF force feedback control of robot-assisted bone fracture reduction system using double F/T sensors and adjustable admittances to protect bones against damage pdf
398 Miniaturized Terrestrial Walking Robot Using PVDF/PVP/PSSA Based Ionic Polymer?Metal Composite Actuator pdf
397 Penetration of an artificial arterial thromboembolism in a live animal using an intravascular therapeutic microrobot system pdf
396 Preparation of HIFU-triggered tumor-targeted hyaluronic acid micelles for controlled drug release and enhanced cellular uptake pdf
395 Selective microrobot control using a thermally responsive microclamper formicroparticle pdf
394 Deflection Analysis of a Robotic Bed on the Applied Loads and its Postures for a Heavy-ion Therapeutic System pdf
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