No. Subject File
423 Electromagnetic field intensity triggered micro-biopsy device for active locomotive capsule endoscope pdf
422 Feasibility study on magnetically steerable guidewire device for percutaneous coronary intervention pdf
421 Virtual Wall-based Haptic Guided teleoperated surgical robotic system for single-port brain tumor removal surgery pdf
420 Shape optimization of a novel Ligation tool using a concentric tube mechanism pdf
419 Analysis of Configuration of Planar Cable-Driven Parallel Robot on Natural Frequency pdf
418 Feasibility Study of Electromagnetic Guidance System for Intestinal Capsule Endoscope pdf
417 Effect of Chitosan on Motility of Bacteria-driven Liposomal Microrobots pdf
416 Development of nanostructured lipid carrier for controlled release약물방출 제어가 가능한 지질 나노구조체의 개발 pdf
415 Biocompatible Electroactive Actuators Composed of Porous Bacterial Cellulose Composites다공성 박테리아 셀룰로오스를 이용한 생체적합성 전기 구동기 pdf
414 A Cellular Microrobot for Targeted Drug Delivery표적 약물 전달을 위한 세포 마이크로 로봇 pdf
413 Enhancement of Electromagnetic Actuation System (EMAs) for Helical Micro-robot Motion using Resonance Effect나선형 마이크로-로봇 움직임을 위한 공명효과 기반의 전자기 구동 시스템 향상 pdf
412 Wireless Active Locomotive Capsule Endoscope Integrated Multi-funtional Biopsy Module멀티기능형 생검장치가 통합된 무선 능동캡슐내시경 pdf
411 Development of a Robotic Patient Positioning System with a Wide Beam-Angle Range for Fixed-Beam Particle Therapy pdf
410 Hybrid-Actuating Macrophage-Based Microrobots for Active Cancer Therapy pdf
409 A Study on Steering Catheter Driven by Electromagnetic Actuation System자기 구동 조향 카테터 시스템에 대한 연구 pdf
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