No. Subject File
393 Preparation of Engineered Salmonella Typhimurium-Driven Hyaluronic-Acid-Based Microbeads with Both Chemotactic and Biological Targeting Towards Breast Cancer Cells for Enhanced Anticancer Therapy pdf
392 Magnetic actuated pH-responsive hydrogel-based soft micro-robot for targeted drug delivery pdf
391 Focused ultrasound induced anti-cancer drug delivery with PLGA-DTX encapsulated alginate microbeads pdf
390 Light-assisted Direct Writing, Visualizing, Analyzing System for Micro Pattern using Biomaterials pdf
389 A soft biomolecule actuator based on a highlyfunctionalized bacterial cellulose nano-fibernetwork with carboxylic acid groups pdf
388 Enhanced ferro-actuator with a porositycontrolledmembrane using the sol-gelprocess and the HF etching method pdf
387 Active tumor-therapeutic liposomal bacteriobot combining a drug(paclitaxel)-encapsulated liposome with targeting bacteria(Salmonella Typhimurium) pdf
386 Terrestrial Walking Robot With 2DoF Ionic Polyme-Metal Composite (IPMC) Legs pdf
385 평면형 병렬 케이블 구동 로봇에 대한 형상보정Calibration for a Planar Cable-Driven Parallel Robot
384 Therapeutic Intravascular Microrobot through Compensation of Resistance andMutual Inductance in Electromagnetic Actuation System pdf
383 Active Locomotive Intestinal Capsule Endoscope (ALICE) System: A Prospective Feasibility Study pdf
382 Modeling of chemotactic steering of bacteria-based microrobot using a population-scale approach pdf
381 Simplified electromagnetic actuation system for three dimensional locomotive and drilling microrobot pdf
380 Image-based Guidance System for Intravascular Microrobot:Fiducial Marker-based Registration using Biplanar Fluoroscopic Images & CTA Images pdf
379 Design and Evaluation Setup of a Novel Steerable Flexible Needlefor Percutaneous Therapy pdf
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