No. Subject File
498 A wireless tattooing capsule endoscope using external electromagnetic actuation and chemical reaction pressure pdf
497 Neural Network based Pulley Friction Compensation for Tension Control of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot pdf
496 Development of servomotor and pneumatic based force control device for complex work piece of abrading process pdf
495 Indirect Force Control of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot: Tension Estimation using Artificial Neural Network trained by Force Sensor Measurements pdf
494 Design and Testing of a Compact Tattooing Mechanism for Capsule Endoscope pdf
493 Development of an External Electromagnetic Actuation System to Enable Unrestrained Maneuverability for an Endoscopic Capsule pdf
492 Real-Time Vision-Based Localization of Planar Cable-Driven Parallel Robot pdf
491 A Thermo-electromagnetically Actuated Microrobot for the Targeted Transport of Therapeutic Agents pdf
490 Workspace and stability analysis of a 6-DOF cable-driven parallel robot using frequency-based variable constraints pdf
489 A Guide-Wired helical Microrobot for Mechanical Thrombectomy: A Feasibility Study pdf
488 Intestinal Tattooing Mechanism Integrated with Active Wireless Capsule Endoscope pdf
487 견실한 병렬 케이블로봇을 위한 스마트윈치시스템 개발 pdf
486 Geometric Parameter Calibration for a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Based on a Single One-Dimensional Laser Distance Sensor Measurement and Experimental Modeling pdf
485 Real-time microrobot posture recognition via biplane X-ray imaging system for external electromagnetic acutation pdf
484 Folate Receptor-targeted Liposomal Nanocomplex for Effective Synergistic Photothermal-Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer In Vivo pdf
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