No. Subject File
513 곡면형상 작업 대상물의 접촉가압 작업을 위한 능동압력제어장치 개발 pdf
512 Human Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell-based Medical Microrobot System for Knee Cartilage Regeneration In Vivo pdf
511 Magnetoresponsive Stem Cell Spheroid-based Cartilage Recovery Platform Utilizing Electromagnetic Fields pdf
510 Magnetically actuated miniature walking soft robot based on chained magnetic microparticles-embedded elastomer pdf
509 Graphene quantum dots-decorated hollow copper sulfide nanoparticles for controlled intracellular drug release and enhanced photothermal-chemotherapy pdf
508 Multifunctional Nanorobot System for Active Therapeutic Delivery and Synergistic Chemo-photothermal Therapy pdf
507 Medical Microrobot-Wireless Manipulation of a Drug Delivery Carrier through an External Ultrasonic Actuation: Preliminary Results. pdf
506 Medical Microrobot-A Drug Delivery Capsule Endoscope with Active Locomotion and Drug Release Mechanism: Proof of Concept. pdf
505 A micro-tattooing device for capsule endoscope using a Wood’s metal triggering mechanism pdf
504 Independent electromagnetic field control for practical approach to actively locomotive wireless capsule endoscope pdf
503 A novel tip-positioning control of a magnetically steerable guidewire in sharply curved blood vessels for percutaneuos coronary intervention pdf
502 A Miniaturized Capsule Endoscope Equipped a Marking Module for Intestinal Tumor Localization pdf
501 Gravity Directional Position Control of a Micro-Particle through Frequency Variation of a Single Ultrasonic Transducer pdf
500 Ecofriendly high-performance ionic soft actuators based on graphene-mediated cellulose acetate pdf
499 Untethered Robotic Motion and Rotating Blade Mechanism for Actively Locomotive Biopsy Capsule Endoscope pdf
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