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1. Introduction
Biomedical team is the most comprehensive research group in the MRC. Our team conduct both fundamental research and medical application of micro/nanorobotics. Based on PhD or MS degrees on distinct research fields, mechanical engineering, microbial engineering, pharmacology and veterinary medicine, members focus on the development of the advanced medical micro/nanorobot by multi-disciplinary collaboration
The primary mission of our team is to develop more biostable and biocompatible, more active controllable, and more curative cell-based medical micro/nanorobots. Secondary mission is to preclinical qualify and support general medical micro/nanorobots medically in the MRC
2. Research issues
Currently, biomedical team research subjects is focused on development of the cell-based medical micro/nano robot for incurable diseases treatment and tissue regeneration
Our faculty's Main research areas include:
Hybrid actuating immune cell-based therapeutic microrobots as alternative therapy for cancer, inflammation, neurological disorder
Active actuating stem cell-based microrobot for tissue regeneration
3. Current projects
Biomedical team is involved in interdisciplinary research projects as follows:
External actuatable Nanorobot for tumor therapy:
In-vitro/in-vivo evaluation of the nanorobot delivery and therapeutic properties
Stem cell-based biomedical microrobot for cartilage regeneration:
Fabriaction of stem cell contained micro-scaffold, specifically suitable for target organ
In-vitro verification of the stem cell proliferation and differentiation into target cell
In-vivo confirmation of targeting and tissue regeneration properties of stem cell-based microrobot
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